Open stage Events

Metrojam started as an organiser of open stage nights and quickly built a reputation with the quality of musician who attended and performed, which quickly grew into having bands come to try out new music and artists performing their own compositions to get feedback from guests and professional musicians alike. Some band members come along to play another genre of music different from their band styles and some artists just want to keep playing…. forever!

We have Grammy award winners attending and performing, we have stage and theatre artists joining in with our attendees/musicians who have a reputation within the music scene, backing singers have tried songs as a front vocalist and bands and associations have been created directly from the nights.

We welcome all types and all genres and as an inner London team, we have a very eclectic mix of musicians performing a vast range of music, from Blues, Rock, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Theatrical, event electronic, accapella, and Bangra/Asian beats.

Some of the artists attended include:
Tj Johnson, George Jack, Sam Kelly (Cymande), Reuben Richards (Soul artist of the year 2014), Sandra (Speedy) Stephenson, Marcus Begg, Dave Jones, Alix Anthony, Mike McKenzie, Amrit Sond (Grammy Award Winner), Jerome Marcus, Johnny Sayer, Melvin Ashong, Tony Qunta and bands, The Running Guns, Calico Jack, Westside Jukes, The George Jack Band, Tiny Tina Band. And so many more

Feature at Metrojam

Want to join in as an artist or just visit as a member of the audience then you are all welcome.

If you have specific skills, an original song or want to come as a whole band, it’s all possible.

Contsct us:
or call on: 01494 854333